Warren County

Carr Island

Carr Island is an island in the Wabash River adjacent to NICHES’ Weiler Leopold Nature Preserve. The island is home to a mature bottomland hardwood forest, with a mixture of silver maple, cottonwood, hackberry, and sycamore along with an understory of sedges and green headed coneflowers. 

The property affords great views of the 1.5+ miles of NICHES’ Wabash River protected shoreline and scattered white pines on the ridges to the north. Public access is via the Wabash River.


  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • No Trails

History of Acquisition and Property

Carr Island was acquired in 2019. The property is named in honor of Guthrie Carr. Guthrie was a board member of NICHES Land Trust and has been a longtime advocate for Wildcat Creek, canoe racer, canoe safety instructor and a successful Pediatric dentist in the Lafayette community for many decades.

How to Get There

Public access is via the Wabash River with the nearest upstream access at the Granville Bridge and downstream at Cicott Park.

Noteworthy Information

Access is via watercraft.

Number of Acres


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