NICHES Awarded 2024 Environmental Action Grant from NIPSCO

In celebration of Earth Day, NIPSCO announced the recipients of its 2024 Environmental Action Grant that awards funds for environmental restoration projects and education efforts across northern Indiana. Funding is provided by NIPSCO and the NiSource Charitable Foundation. 

NICHES Land Trust was one of 21 organizations awarded funds through this program. NICHES will use the granted funds to support community outreach projects.

“We are honored to partner with these organizations and contribute to their innovative restoration and education projects across northern Indiana,” said Rick Calinski, NIPSCO Director of Public Affairs and Economic Development. “Their dedication to environmental stewardship is inspiring and will have lasting impacts that will enrich our lives today and ensure a better tomorrow.”

In its ninth year, NIPSCO’s Environmental Action Grant has helped 143 environmental restoration and education projects come to fruition across northern Indiana, donating $577,700 to date. This year’s grants provide between $500 to $5,000 to each organization selected, for a total of $78,700 awarded. In addition to its Environmental Action Grant program, NIPSCO works to establish early successional habitat on rights of way, forges partnerships with community organizations for restoration efforts and supports the planting of thousands of trees in northern Indiana each year. NIPSCO has been recognized as a Tree Line USA utility by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Read the full announcement here.

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