Midwestoration Podcast

Join NICHES Stewardship Director Bob Easter on a winter walk/drive with the Midwestoration podcast through NICHES Fountain County properties including Whistler-Hare Woods, Snyder-Marshall Woods, and Shawnee Bottoms.

We discuss the major project now underway between Whistler-Hare Woods, Snyder-Marshall Woods, and the six adjoining landowners. During the project, which is already well underway, we will forestry mow and follow up spray about 70 acres of invasive shrub thicket on our connected property as we work to revive the health of  the 180-acre project area.
We also discuss the basic philosophy of NICHES' approach to stewardship and all of the programs that make it possible. We touch on funding partners, founding members of the organization, neighbors and community relations, managing in the face of climate change, and the importance of building a culture of good natural areas management.  


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