Landscaping with Native Plants by Kent Walters

Kent Walters shares the benefits of landscaping with native plants and how to get started. Be a friend to our native wildlife by incorporating native plants into your landscaping.

Kent Walters is a biologist and amateur naturalist. Kent earned his Ph.D. in ecological physiology at the University of Notre Dame, where he studied the abilities of a few species of beetles to survive harsh Alaskan winters. While still working on his Ph.D. in 2008, Kent sparked his passion for native plants when he began contemplating the future of 2 acres of former pasture on his homestead in Warren County, Indiana. Very methodical in his approach, he began by reading all 450+ pages of The Tallgrass Restoration Handbook from cover to cover, twice! Every year this passion has grown; last year the restorations grew to include over 25 acres of former pasture and much of the landscaping around the house.


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