Affirming Our Commitment to Wetlands

On January 27, 2024, the NICHES Land Trust board hosted its annual retreat at the organization's headquarters, Clegg Memorial Gardens in Lafayette. This dedicated session helped all reach a similar level of understanding of this large, ever-changing topic and provided some clarity on muddy issues. surrounding the proposed LEAP water pipeline.


All of our board members attended in person and participated fully, bringing their complete attention and intention. Purdue groundwater experts presented important topics and updates related to the LEAP water withdrawal project proposed along the Wabash adjacent to NICHES protected land. We also had a thoughtful group knowledge sharing and question-and-answer session. 

NICHES remains concerned about a large water withdrawal from the Wabash River, particularly during low flow periods. The retreat highlighted that NICHES has been doing critically important work for nearly 3 decades by protecting the wetlands along the Wabash River.

NICHES owns and protects over 350 acres of Wabash River Floodplain in Tippecanoe County and nearly 600 acres in Warren and Fountain counties. NICHES has expanded our reach further by encouraging countless neighbors to enroll in the Wetland Reserve Easement program through the USDA. Wetlands protected by NICHES and our conservation neighbors are critical to recharging groundwater and surface water. Our protected wetlands also provide flood control and habitat for 50% of species with small or declining populations in Indiana. Wetlands filter pollutants and improve water quality, store carbon, provide food and medicine, and improve human health. NICHES remains steadfast in our goal to conserve the floodplains of our beloved waterways and to steward the habitats under our protection to the highest possible level.

- Adapted from the Executive Director's Letter by Shannon Stanis that was featured in the 2024 Quarter 1 Issue of The Sprout 

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