Warren County

Hewitt Estate

The Hewitt Estate includes 1.7 miles of frontage on both sides of Mud Pine Creek, the largest tributary of Big Pine and a healthy smallmouth bass stream. Along the clear rocky creek, high in the canopy is an active bald eagle nest. A small great blue heron rookery lingers above colorful spring blooms of phlox, columbine and saxifrage that grace the banks.

The land is a mixture of floodplain forest containing cottonwoods, silver maples and mixed oak dominated upland woods.



  • Bird Watching
  • Fishing
  • Mushroom Harvesting Allowed
  • No Trails
  • Paddling
  • Wildflowers

History of Acquisition and Property

In 2008, Bryce Hewitt’s estate increased the amount of protected land in the Big Pine Creek Valley by donating 163 acres to NICHES. Bryce wanted the woods to be protected forever and continue to be enjoyed by enthusiasts as a natural area.

NICHES has been working to restore the vitality of the oak woodlands on the property, battling multiflora rose in our efforts and returnign fire to restore the oaks.

How to Get There

North Access: From the intersection of US 41 and SR 26. A mile north of 650 N on Old US 41. On the east side of the road is a small pavilion 200’ off the road. Turn down the lane just north of the pavilion. NICHES sign will be on the road which leads to a farm house. Turn right off the lane to the house and head past the pavilion down to the Creek. This lane is not owned by NICHES, but is our legal access.

South Access: NICHES Hewitt Estate southern boundary is the north side of Briscoe Road west of Mud Pine Creek. There is no parking lot and a steep shoulder so please be cautious.


Closed in November for Deer Control Hunt


No Lot. Use caution when parking along country road side. Do not block traffic

Number of Acres


Trail Description

No Trails

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