Tippecanoe County

Wabash Breaks & Carter's Point

Carter’s Point & Wabash Breaks protect rare gravel hill prairies along Wea Creak near the Wabash River. These properties were protected by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to preserve one of the rarest and ecologically distinct grassland community types in Indiana. Both properties are state dedicated nature preserves. In October 2021, TNC transferred the properties to NICHES Land Trust for their permanent protection and stewardship. Due to limited road access and the incredibly sensitive nature of the habitat, these properties are not open to the public.

Carter’s Point (15 acres) & Wabash Breaks (8 acres) are state dedicated nature preserves perched on the glacially deposited gravel soils above Wea Creek near the Wabash River in Lafayette. These properties protect very rare gravel hill prairies.

In Indiana, gravel prairies represent distinct islands of short grass prairie within the eastern tall grass prairie/deciduous forest transition zone.  These communities are characterized by high temperature, low humidity, rapid substrate permeability and very dry alkaline gravel substrate. 

These prairies occurred on well-drained gravel terraces of the Wabash and White River valleys in Indiana, and are now known from only four small sites near Lafayette, Tippecanoe County. Due to access issues and the extreme fragility of the sites, these properties are not open to the public.

History of Acquisition and Property

Both properties are along Wea Creek near the Wabash River. The Wea Tribe of Native Americans long lived in this area. The Wea Tribe is part of the Maimi Nation. There is significant history documented from the time of the French Fort Ouiatenon active in the 1700s.

In the early 1980s, both properties were identified by DNR and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) staff as significant natural areas. The properties were then owned by Eli Lilly and Company. Lilly voluntarily enrolled the properties into the natural areas registry program that was active at that time. In 1985 Eli Lilly & Co. donated the properties to TNC for permanent protection. TNC restored the high floristic quality of the sites through invasive species removal and prescribed fire. In the 2010s, NICHES grew significantly in presence in Tippecanoe County and in stature as a leader in the stewardship of natural areas. TNC recognized this growth, and conversations began about transferring the small but ecologically significant sites to the local land trust alongside the transfer of Fall Creek Gorge in Warren County. In October 2021, TNC transferred both properties to NICHES Land Trust and NICHES has continued stewardship of these fragile habitats.

Carter’s Point has been re-named in memory of Carter Kiser. Carter was a warm spirited person, an innovative thinker, and the beloved son of Lisa Pantea. Lisa worked her 28-year career at Eli Lilly and would regularly spend her lunch breaks hiking the trails surrounding the facility. These natural areas were a special spot of reflection and appreciation for the natural world. Lisa and her husband Dan’s gift to the stewardship endowment honors Carter’s memory and ensures lasting protection for all NICHES’ natural areas.

Noteworthy Information

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