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100% of your donation goes straight to protecting nature in your local area. And there are many ways to donate:

  • Make a generous financial contribution
  • Donate or bargain sell a parcel of land
  • Participate with us to improve the region’s quality of life
  • Donate or lend equipment
  • Prevent invasive species on your land
  • Specify NICHES in your will or life insurance policy

By supporting NICHES, you help restore healthy landscapes. It's not just about responsible conservation, it's about community.

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Always and Forever

Why is land conservation important?

Think about all the beauty around us, and what if that were gone? What if the people who come after us didn’t get the chance to walk in the woods, to see the stream, to look at different colors of leaves and flowers? It’s something we have to watch out for. We must protect it.

There are organizations that don’t define conservation like NICHES does. NICHES does it right: they think about always and forever. 

Conservation should be about always and forever.
Nonprofit Status

NICHES Land Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We protect west-central Indiana's native ecosystems and connect people to nature. Federal tax ID: 35-1964901.

Complicated questions don’t always have complicated answers.
By joining NICHES you make it possible to protect your natural surroundings.
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