Our Stories

In connecting with the land, in stewarding and restoring the land stories are made.  NICHES shares our collective stories in audio, video, and written form.   Explore the map below and click on the links for any story to hear, see or read a story gathered connecting with nature.

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Wildcat Cleanup 2015: 40.434609, -86.825219
NICHES conducted night controlled burn at Warren Piece: 40.370089, -87.328348
Wildcat Creek Reflections: 40.458201, -86.672812
Clayton at Crow\'s Grove: 40.365643, -87.327662
Amphibian sound at Shepard\'s Swamp: 41.069170, -87.005916
Fisher Oak Savanna Nature Preserve Video Story: 40.846741, -87.043948
James P. Vacendak Wildlife Preserve - audio story: 40.970550, -87.368190


Other Stories

Wildcat Creek Reflections

Saving the Plantago cordata