Bob Easter, NICHES Stewardship Manager

Bob is a life-long resident of Tippecanoe County and a December 2012 graduate from the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University. His degree is in Environmental Plant Science. Bob started with NICHES as a volunteer in January of 2013, and soon after was offered a job as a temporary steward which transitioned into a permanent position as Stewardship Manager. Bob has taken on NICHES Land Trust organizational goals as his own personal goals and plans on working with the organization for the rest of his career to help northwest Indiana build a culture of quality natural areas stewardship and be an example for the way ecological management should be done in the Midwest.

Bob’s responsibilities as Stewardship Manager include-

Plan, coordinate, and administer field projects

Coordinate and engage in field work with volunteers

Keep and maintain plant lists for all NICHES properties

Complete site assessments for all NICHES properties yearly

Maintain and improve trails at properties

Work with others on natural resource info and restoration projects (TNC, DNR, INPAWS, RIP squad etc.)

Present to > 500 people about NICHES

Coordinate deer cull

Work with Executive Director to plan and implement prescribed burns

Maintain field equipment

And many other tasks too numerous to list!