Board of Directors: who they are and what they do


Founded by a small group of citizens concerned with conservation of natural areas, NICHES protects, restores and sustains Northern Indiana’s ecosystems by providing habitat for native species and offering natural places for the education, appreciation and enjoyment of current and future generations.’

The above mission directs NICHES daily activities and long term vision.  With the help of dedicated volunteers and generous donors, NICHES provides public access to high quality natural areas, acquires land for conservation, and stewards the land once acquired.

An elected volunteer Board of Directors, individuals with a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences oversees and supports NICHES Land Trust operations and management.

Mulvey Pond photo by Brooke Criswell

Mulvey Pond                                     photo by Brooke Criswell

2017 – 2018 Board of Directors:


Linda Anderson


Wes Crawford


Bill Arthur


Bill McFee


Tom Busch

Shirley Burd

John Burns

Wes Crawford

Don Franzmeier.

Mike Junkins

Denise Laussade

Guillermo Pardillo

Jason Rakoczy
NICHES Board of Directors includes various committees necessary to organizational operation and management.

Governance Committee – Chair: Linda Anderson

Governance oversees the governing of NICHES Land Trust ensuring NICHES follows existing by-laws and oversees any amendments or changes to by-laws, policies and practices.

Finance Committee – Chair: Bill McFee

Finance oversees financial management and matters, ensuring transparent, accurate, and efficient money management.

Development Committee –  Chair: Linda Anderson

Development oversees fund-raising and membership development.

Acquisition Committee – Chair:

Acquisition oversee the acquiring of new property ensuring that lands acquired meet the mission of NICHES Land Trust and that adequate funds are available for long-term stewardship of the property.

Stewardship Committee – Chair: Guillermo Pardillo

Stewardship oversees land management direction and considerations and work directly with NICHES Stewardship Managers


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